Vision of the St Thomas School of Ministry (STSM)

The vision of STSM is to provide sound biblical training at an affordable price in order to increase the biblical intelligence of today’s pulpits and leaders. Our vision is to train Kingdom men and women who are prepared for 21st century ministry quickly, but thoroughly, evaluated fairly, and dispatched freely to do ministry that is biblical, empowering, and impactful. Our vision is to become a Kingdom resource for the Body of Christ that assists the local church in training, equipping, and empowering their leadership with a sound biblical education that is affordable and accessible!

Mission of the St Thomas School of Ministry

Our mission is to identify those who are hungry for a solid theological/biblical education at an affordable price that prepares them for effective 21st century Kingdom ministry at the clergy and lay level. We are called to be an arm and an extension of the local church that assists in preparing their leaders for sound Kingdom ministry.